About the Program

When You Succeed, We Succeed.

CyberGRX is committed to providing the valuable products, programs and training you need to drive revenue. Our products deliver the TPCRM capabilities your customers need while helping you maintain a trusted advisor status. We've built our program to provide you with attractive margins, decreased cost of sales and feature subscription based pricing so you will have a recurring revenue stream year after year.  



Benefits & Requirements

The portal includes all the business and marketing resources you need to learn about

the benefits of CyberGRX and keep your customers informed.


Marketing Tools

Leverage product brochures, data sheets, email templates and more in your customer communications.

Sales Tools

Know how to demo the solution, respond to competitive objections and pricing questions.

Deal Registration

Learn how to register your deals and submit your prospects to the CyberGRX sales team.

Training & Support

Increase your understanding of CyberGRX with these enablement materials,  FAQs and product overviews.

CyberGRX helps reduce the complexity and level of effort associated with managing vendor risk, both internally and externally. Having a trusted third party to manage and validate vendor security saves valuable time, money and effort that our customers can spend proactively on other important initiatives. Eurofins Cyber Security is excited to partner with CyberGRX and look forward a successful and impactful relationship.

— Sean Walls, Vice President at Eurofins Cyber Security

Membership Tiers

The CyberGRX Global Channel Partner Program consists of four tiers — Platinum, Gold, Silver and Authorized — which are based on technical competency, business specialization, growth goals and marketing effectiveness.  Channel partner commitment levels are recognized with a range of benefits for each tier and give you the flexibility to determine your desired level of commitment to CyberGRX.



Features the highest margins, sales lead assignement, executive support, dedicated MDF, annual partner event and other comprehensive co-marketing activities.


Features high margins, sales lead assignement, dedicated MDF, annual partner event and other comprehensive co-marketing activities. 


Features strong margins,  pooled MDF, technical and sales support, annual partner event and other comprehensive co-marketing activities. 


Lower margins, pooled MDF, technical and sales support, and comprehensive co-marketing opportunities


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